Friday, 25 December 2015

What to expect in Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a blessing and most women are so thankful to God for the gift of a new life. Being pregnant does not mean you have delivered but, you have a 9months journey of change. You are deemed to take care of the pregnancy until its EDD which is a total of 42 weeks. There are so many hormonal and physical changes that an expectant mother have to go through. You will require support and advice both from family and doctor in order to have an easy time.

The following are what you are supposed to expect in your third trimester:
  • Increased back ache
The 3rd trimester is a time that an expectant mother starts feeling some relief as she has already completed 6 good months. There are frequent on and of back pains that occur as from week 32 since the baby is rapidly increasing. To reduce this pain, you can take a hot shower, massage or have a walk. Do not take any dose unless prescribed by the doctor. In case the pain persists you need to see a doctor for check up.
  • Increased fetal movements
This begins at the 20th week whereby the feelings are not that frequent. At the 31st week of pregnancy, the fetus movements can be seen and felt. In case you are a first time mother this should not raise alarm since it is normal and cannot change until you give birth. The movements allow you to bond with your unborn baby since as you sit and watch your belly move from all corners, it gives you a feeling of joy that soon you will hold your own baby in your arms.
  • Heartburn
It is very normal especially at the 31st week of pregnancy. This is very normal since your unborn baby has increased in size and is pushing the intestines so much in order to occupy enough space. To treat this you need to take a lot of fluids, milk and rest after eating. Make sure you take small portions of food to avoid overeating and enhance easier digestion.
  • Difficulties in breathing
It also occurs at the 31st week of pregnancy due to the increase in size and weight of the fetus. The fetus pushes the lungs and the ribs making them lose enough space to breathe in and out. You are supposed to have enough time to rest hence to make it easy during breathing. You can practice deep breathing hence will enable your lungs to participate.
  • Fatigue
This is normal since your body is not used to holding so much weight thus you need frequent rests without overworking. Avoid bending so much and also standing, make frequent rests ease the back. Sleep enough during the day and night to avoid headaches.
  • Bloating and constipation
This Happens at the 3rd trimester as from 31st week where you experience poor digestion and releasing a lot of gas. Take lots of water fruits and vegetables to ease your digestion. This will allow you have peaceful sleep and peaceful mind.
  • Crazy dreams
These are so frequent since you are thinking of how your kid will be. This will occur until you deliver making most of your dreams be reflected in the baby. You cannot avoid the dreams since any time you see your bump your urge to see the new born increase.
  • Lack of bladder control
Buy pant liners in advance since they will help you hide the unexpected mess. Take kegels exercises that will help you make the bladder muscles more strong. It begins at the 31st week of pregnancy resulting from excess weight on the bladder hence you can not completely be controlled.
  • Leaky breasts
It should not raise alarm since your breasts are warming up for breastfeeding. It happens past 31st week of pregnancy hence you should prevent it from contaminating your clothes by use of breast liners.
  • Forgetfulness
This is a major problem as you go shopping ensure you are not alone since you might leave your change. Do not carry a lot of luggage to ensure that you do not lose some also ensure that you set a reminder to make you remember all the tasks you have to undertake.
  • Your skin may become brighter or dull
This is a sign that you are almost in labor and should stay prepared. Arrange all the baby items, contact a taxi driver and ensure that he can be available any time. Make sure that you have enough money to handle all the expenses.


In Case you find some abnormal discharge with bloody spots, report to the nearest hospital for clarification. It might be a sign of labor or a serious problem that need immediate medication.

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